DK Metcalf made his professional track debut at the USA Track and Field Golden Games, Sunday, and finished the 100-meter dash with an official time of 10.37 seconds. Despite finishing in 15th place out of 17 competitors, numerous NFL players congratulated the Seahawks wide receiver on his performance.

“I’m just happy to be here, excited to have the opportunity, thank God for the opportunity to run against world-class athletes like this,” Metcalf said. “Just to test my speed against world-class athletes like this. . . . They do this for a living. This is very different from football speed.”

When asked if he would consider slimming down in an attempt to qualify for the Olympic team, he responded, "I've got minicamp to go to. Like I said, just excited."

DK Metcalf, Golden Games
Joe Robbins / Getty Images

Isiah Young finished with the fasted time at 10.09 seconds.

Former Olympic sprinter Ato Boldon said during the broadcast that Metcalf's performance should inspire more NFL players to compete in the sport.

“This should encourage every fast NFL guy,” Boldon said. “Tyreek Hill, are you listening? This should encourage every fast NFL guy, you’re not that far off, you get the right training, maybe you get to the Olympic trials.”

Metcalf's Seahawks teammate, Russell Wilson, as well as others, congratulated him on Twitter after the event.