Any performer can likely vouch that when you're feeling it, you're feeling it. Yet occasionally, such a hot streak can end in literal flames. Such was indeed the case for G-Unit DJ and storied veteranDJ Whoo Kid, who recently had his set cut short over a sudden bout of "spontaneous speaker combustion." As PageSix tells it, it happened like this. The DJ was holding it down during a set at the Liquid Pool Lounge at the Aria in Las Vega when one of his speakers went up in flames, prompting an explosion of billowing smoke.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images 

One of PageSix's "little birds" broke down the situation, placing the blame on a brazen bachelorette party. "It was insane. There was a crazy bachelorette party that [entered the booth and] kept turning up the volume,” explains the "spy" in question. “It was like 108 degrees, and the heat index was so high the speaker just busted. It caught on fire and all of a sudden, smoke was coming from everywhere. Needless to say, the day party was cut short.”

After the smoke proved too potent to ignore, the club was forced to evacuate. As of now, Whoo Kid acknowledged the incident with a wink and a nudge, proving that not even the renegade elements can ruin his good sportsmanship. That said, if you're ever looking to catch one of his sets in the future, perhaps it's wise to ask the venue's superintendent an integral safety question: where the hose at?