It's tough times to be a comedian. Public scrutiny is at an all-time high, and those who dabble in gallows humor are having a particularly rough go of it. To be fair, one should always be prepared to be held accountable for their words; not everyone is thick-skinned, and certain taboo topics have a way of getting the feathers ruffled. Evidently, comedians have been coming to learn that XXXTentacion is particularly hallowed ground, and should probably be considered a no-fly zone for any comedian - lest they find themselves on the receiving end of a collective berating.

We recently saw it occur with Dina Hashem, whose Triple X joke landed her in hot water with the hip-hop community. Now, Zack Fox is finding himself in a similar predicament. After mashing up the faces of both XXX and late billionaire David Koch, XXXTentacion's friend DJ Scheme took it upon himself to defend the slain rapper's honor. "This is funny to you?" questions Scheme, tagging Fox for good measure. "When i see u ima violate you. Straight up the worst comedian ever. You're a fucking loser."

At this point, traces of the exchange have been scrubbed from social media, but Rapcurrent has the receipts available here. Is DJ Scheme's anger justified - after all, XXXTentacion was his friend, and his grief should be respected. Or should comedians be allowed to hold "carte blanche" in all matters of rhetoric, free to play the "it was a prank, bro" defense whenever they see fit?