Two years ago, we lost one of the most promising artists of all-time, XXXTentacion. His versatile, effortless melodies, and genius songwriting ability connected right away with fans. He became the voice of a broken generation. While his personal life was controversial, to say the least, the late recording artist was turning things around, establishing a foundation to help his community thrive and awaiting the arrival of his baby boy.

Unfortunately, X never got to meet his son Gekyume Onfroy and, to this day, the rapper's close friend DJ Scheme wishes that he could have altered the course of their lives so that he could be there for his son.

"I miss u more everyday Jah.... why they had to take u from us," wrote DJ Scheme on Twitter. "I wish I could give everything up for you to be here with us. It’s just not fair... Sometimes I wish we never got famous and shit.. I’d rather be broke with my brother alive so he could raise his son then this... but that’s selfish to u guys and I’m sorry for having those feelings."

On what is truly an emotional day for fans, friends, and family members of the late XXXTentacion, Scheme went on to state that he believes he could have been the biggest artist in the world.

"I gotta see ur face all day everywhere on the internet it’s so fucking hard," he wrote. "They robbed my brother of being the biggest artist in the world rn. If it wasn’t for you Jah I’d be nobody thank you for working so hard you put every single one of our friends in a position to win."

To close out his remembrance of the late rapper, DJ Scheme asked fans to go stream "Moonlight" on Spotify as it is nearing one billion total streams.

Rest in peace, Jah.