Davieanna Marlena Blake, 21, and Darnell Moses Alvarez, 24, are facing possible murder charges for the death of their two-year-old son, who was found dead outside their apartment last month. It's only recently come to light that Davienna Marlena Blake is actually the daughter of DJ Quik.

Davienna and the father of her child, Alvarez, were arrested by the Phoenix police in connection with the murder of their son. A witness told the police that he heard the boyfriend chastising his two-year-old son for wetting the bed, and that he could hear the child being spanked, with what the witness called "excessive" discipline.

The child was found dead with multiple brusies all over his body; his legs, arms, buttocks, back and face. 

DJ Quik's daughter reportedly told the police that she and Alvarez had been arguing earlier, and when their child woke up he had wet the bed over night. Alvarez apparently hit the child with a leather belt, and Blake did not wish to intervene because she was worried she'd make Alvarez more upset. When she returned home from work that day, she allegedly found the child was not breathing and had many bruises. Documents say that she and her boyfriend argued over whether or not to take him to the hospital. 

The couple were booked on suspicion of child abuse and first-degree murder.