Compton legend DJ Quik just passed the torch. In an interview with TMZ, Quik reflects on Kendrick's place in Compton's history, and how he stacks up with legends like Eazy E, Ice Cube, himself and YG. "Kendrick's a juggernaut bro," says Quik, "he knows that [number one] is a place he deserves to be... shit, why not give him number one?" 

Quik seems pleased with the positive attention Kendrick's been receiving, clearly proud of the way Compton's legacy continues to grow and reach new audiences. "Shout out to Kendrick," says Quik, as he's about to board. "You're number one Kendrick!"

The co-sign is a big one for Kendrick. In an interview with Complex, Kung-Fu Kenny placed three DJ Quik albums on his top 25 albums list.