DJ Quik was on Sway In The Morning today to talk about his upcoming album The Midnight Life, and during his lengthy interview on the show, the veteran L.A. artist spoke his mind about Lil Wayne and Chris Brown's alleged ties with members of the Piru Bloods. This comes shortly after Brown denied his gang ties, but said he's "cordial" with gang members.

Towards the end of the interview, Sway asks Quik about his past in the Bloods, to which he responds that his involvement was out of survival, not choice. Sway then asks if he believes that "people like Lil Wayne and Chris Brown" are involved with gangs for the same reason, and Quik says: 

“It’s kind of honoring, but it’s laughable too at the same time. They don’t really know what that shit is about. We took that shit way seriously. We were trying to survive through that shit. They got it too easy.”

Also calling their use of gang signs and red bandanas a "marketing ploy," Quik made his position clear.

Watch the full interview below. Quik's remarks on Weezy and Breezy come around 26:40.