DJ Paul has stories for days, and we've opted to team up with the Three 6 Mafia legend to deliver the Mafia Radio podcast. In case you missed it, the new podcast recently premiered its first episode on November 3rd, kicking off with Xzibit as the inaugural guest of honor. After the pair caught up on current events, involving a few shared experiences during their time at Loud Records, Paul proceeded to share a hilarious anecdote involving X's longtime friend and collaborator Dr. Dre

DJ Paul

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

During a night out on the town, Paul ultimately found himself crossing paths with the good Doctor at a restaurant. "I turned around and look and it was Dre," he reflects. "He shook my hand, and I was like 'yeah man, you know, I did a song called 'Ridin' Spinners,' I cleared the sample with ya'll' He was like 'what you doing after this?' It was his wife's birthday. I was like, 'shit man, I'm just chillin, what's crackin?' He called another restaurant on Sunset that wasn't even open. He got them to open up the bar, we went there, and Mike Tyson pulled up."

The pair proceed to have a laugh as Xzibit nods his approval. "Mike Tyson and Hits, you remember Hits from BET?" continues Paul. "I was like what the fuck is going on right now, this is the craziest party I've ever been to! That was probably one of the best nights of my life man, cause I grew up on NWA and Eazy." Cleary, that fateful bash with Dr. Dre and Mike Tyson has left a lasting impression on DJ Paul, who continues to reflect on it fondly to this day. Check out his amusing retelling below, and be sure to catch our exclusive interview with Paul as soon as you're done.