Three 6 Mafia's influence is incredibly evident in music today. The flows, sounds and aesthetic are different factors that are seen among some of the new rappers in the game. We've even heard a lot of hit records sample old Three 6 records. However, what made Three 6's influence was what they did was completely new to the genre at the time. Despite the love that Three 6 receives, DJ Paul feels like rappers are getting lazy right now and if they don't bring more originality to the game, it'll die off.

DJ Paul recently sat down with TMZ to discuss the current state of hip hop. He explained that he feels rappers are incredibly lazy these days. He went on to commend artists like Kendrick Lamar for doing something new but ultimately feels like rappers are simply lacking originality.

"Rappers are extra, extra lazy. They don't want to write no raps, they don't want to write no hooks. They just want to keep remaking stuff and that's fine... If we're going to remake something, we gotta put some originality in it. We gotta do something different, because if we don't, hip hop is gonna die." He said.

As an OG in the game, Paul's undoubtedly witnessed every evolution of hip hop since it's inception. However, he said that this particular era is the worst he's ever witnessed.

"Yeah, to me, this is the worst state that hip hop has ever been in." He said.

Peep the full interview below.