It's always interesting to see where producers draw inspiration from when crafting their original instrumentals. For DJ Mustard, current "it" producer on the West Coast, inspiration comes from a wide variety of genres--at least according to a new interview with XXL.

When asked what beats he wished he had made himself, Mustard selected beats from Calvin Harris, Cardo, Robin Thicke, and Timbaland. He also referred to producing as a "hobby," claiming he already has enough money to do without it.

"I’m a big fan of Calvin Harris," Mustard said. "I wish I produced 'We Found Love' with Rihanna. That song is just dope and it made a lot of money. Money isn’t really my motivation when I make beats. I already got money now. It’s more of a passion than a hobby for me now. At first, it was just like, 'Let’s just make money.' Now, when you get money, you get a house, take care of your people. It’s more so you want to learn more about more stuff. Now, I’m just really involved in learning and trying to build my path." 

Jeezy's "Seen It All" also made the list.

"Cardo is my dog," he said of the track's producer. "I’m really happy that’s he is doing what he is doing now. He come from a long way. Me and Cardo, I’ve known him for a long time so for him to have that success is good. I want everybody around me to win, so I think that was dope. I’m sure having Jeezy and Jay on my beat will happen. You never know. They both gave each other a run for their money. They both did their thing, so it was dope." 

Rounding out the top five were Timbaland's "Cry Me A River" for Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke's self-produced "Get Her Back" (which Mustard remixed last month), and a second Harris track, "Summer."