DJ Mustard just released his debut album, but he's already been an unstoppable presence on the charts for some time. The producer scored himself a deal with Roc Nation, and has plans to launch his own label with Ty Dolla $ign and YG in the near future. Despite his success, Mustard was pretty take aback when Jay Z called him the first time, so much so, he hung up out of disbelief.

“He called, matter of fact, he E-mailed,” Mustard told Big Boy in a Power 106 interview. “He was like, ‘Yo, this Jay as in Z, do you have time to talk?’ I’m like, what? I’m looking at the E-mail like…So I showed my girl like,’ Yo, you see this?’

Still hesitant to believe what he was reading, the DJ reached out to his manager. “I was like, ‘What’s Jay’s E-mail?,’ Mustard recalled. “He was like, whatever it was. I was like, damn this is the same E-mail. So I hit [the E-mail address] back like, ‘Yup.’ And like two seconds later he called. I’m like, ‘Hello.’ He like, ‘Yo, this Jay.’ I’m like, ‘No it aint,’ click.” 

Of course, Hov called right back and the two got down to business, but there first interaction is certainly one for the history books.

You can still download DJ Mustard's new album, 10 Summers for free on Google Play.

Watch the full interview below.