Artists often upload photos of themselves pensively sitting at a soundboard while working on their next big hit, but what many people don't know is that most studios have their own sets of rules. These go beyond operating times and schedules; the likes of producers, engineers, and artists have guidelines that must be adhered to while working with them in the studio.

DJ Mustard is responsible for several of this generation's chart-toppers, and he recently shared his set of rules—albeit, not everyone is convinced that he is completely serious about his list.

DJ Mustard
Pascal Le Segretain / Staff / Getty Images

To begin, he wrote, "Do not come in here if you're f*cking ugly." The remainder reads:

2. If you did not hit the gym today.... Go the f*ck home.
3. Do not come in my room tot just looks at what the f*ck I'm doing.
4. No negative Nancy b*tch sh*t.
5. Be happy to even breath the same air as a Grammy Award winning, 100 million record selling n*gga like me.
6. High vibes only. No negative sh*t.
7. I have no sympathy for lazy n*ggas.
8. Do me a favor— don't do me no f*cking favors.
9. No small talk... Come to work.
10. Think before saying dumb sh*t... My security is armed... And he will drag yo ass outta here.

Mustard's peers seem to wholeheartedly agree with his guidelines and don't fault him for setting some ground rules. Others have made Mustard the butt of their jokes. Do you think it's too much or what should be expected?