Last week, we were shocked to see YG and DJ Mustard, the bread and butter of L.A.'s rap scene last year, engaging in some light beef on social media. It didn't last long, as Mustard quickly cleared the air with a post that proclaimed "Jokes on yall dick heads !!!!" and showed him and his lyrical ally back together. Now, Mustard has spoken to MTV about the short-lived incident, and revealed that his anger would've been better directed at Def Jam, who were apparently taking their time with paying him.

When asked if the beef stemmed from him not being paid for his work on My Krazy Life, Mustard responded:

"That was a miscommunication. It was more so some, 'Def Jam needs to start paying me faster,' that what I really was on. I wasn't on no like, 'I never got paid,' or anything like that. With me and him, it's not about the money, 'cause I can call him and tell him to loan me $100,000 and he'll do it."

Watch the full interview below.