When DJ Khaled was announced as a performer for the "Overwatch League" Grand Finals, reactions were mixed. While some fans were excited to see the man play some of his biggest hits, others were confused as to what his performance would entail. One HNHH user wrote, "You mean play it off a laptop?" Precisely, DJ Khaled performances don't involve him singing much. He's generally just ad-libbing and trying to hype up the crowd. You may remember when he performed at the Miami Marlins' game and almost nobody showed up. Well, it definitely looked as though at least half of the crowd didn't want to be in attendance during his live set at "Overwatch."

The producer and master curator played some of his biggest songs and even still, the crowd just wasn't feeling it. The visual may show a decent amount of people waving their arms with Khaled but when he prompted the audience to sing along, they fell terribly quiet, leaving Khaled to enthusiastically and nonsensically yell, "Overwatch me!" It seems as though the crowd just wanted to get on with their evenings and enjoy "Overwatch" but DJ Khaled was in the way of that.

Some people were pretty convinced that Khaled didn't even know what the event was about, which is actually possible given his speech during the show. Also, "Overwatch me" kinda gave that away too. Check out some clips from the performance below and peep the best and worst reactions.