DJ Khaled has somehow managed to exude an aura of relentless hustle while simultaneously appearing to be the most relaxed artist in the entire rap game. So much so that even his transition into "album mode" feels more like an advertisement for retirement. It's a testament to Khaled's position as a great overseer, one who facilitates collaborations and reaps the reward of a vision well executed.

DJ Khaled

 Larry Busacca/PW18/Getty Images

Now, with his upcoming project Khaled Khaled on the horizon, the affable mogul has taken to Instagram to share a quick update. Tagging his own We The Best Music, Roc Nation, and Epic Records in the caption, the brief clip finds Khaled kicking back in his sprawling yard with a cocktail in hand. As he raises his glass, he utters a brief but telling toast: "cheers to the vocals." If we can infer anything from his satisfied celebration, it's that the project has reached another stage of completion, and no longer must he hound his fellow artists for their contributions as he so infamously did to Drake.

As we should probably expect, Khaled Khaled will feature an impressive lineup of hip-hop stars, with Lil Baby (who previously received heavy praise from DJ Khaled), Drake, and more already locked in. Don't be surprised to see some familiar faces when the tracklist rolls around. On that note, check out Khaled's idea of album mode below, and sound off if you'll be tuning in when the project finally drops.