We're about to be seeing a lot of DJ Khaled on the blogs, as he begins the promo for an upcoming album titled I Changed A Lot. While that really remains to be seen, Khaled hit up Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club recently for a new interview about the album and the singles thus far, as well as Remy Ma, beef, and more.

Khaled was not shy about announcing plans to sign Remy Ma to his We The Best imprint, although nothing is finalized yet, he's attempting to do so. Her enthusiasm for Khaled may be similar, as Khaled reveals that Remy came straight to see him when he got out and laid down her very first verse for the DJ.

"We was talking while she was in and she told me—She was supposed to come out a day before. So, she told me she was coming to see me the day after. So, I told her—When she did come out I didn’t know she actually got out. She called me. She was in the whip leaving, I guess, the spot. And I was like ‘Remy, you know what? You just got home. Spend time with your family. And we’ll hookup later. You know what I’m saying? I’mma go to Toronto and come back.’ She’s like ‘Nah, I’m coming to see you.’ I was like ‘Great.’ I was in the studio," Khaled told The Breakfast Club via HHDX. "So, she came by the studio with some fly boots on and her hair did, chains. Like she ain’t never left…Obviously, the [first] thing I was talking about is like ‘Yo, I want you to be on We The Best.’ Absolutely. I’m not hiding it. It ain’t no secret. I’m on my job to try to sign her. It ain’t been done. I’m trying…I’m sure she’s weighing out her options and stuff."

As their discussion continues, Khaled goes on to talk about avoiding negative energy and/or beef. During the almost-40 minute sit-down, Khaled also spoke on finally nabbing a verse from Jay Z for "They Don't Love You No More."

"Hov, it took me five years to get Hov," Khaled said. "It took my five years to get Hov, but with Hov I just kept telling him I wanna do something. He ain’t never tell me ‘no.’ He ain’t never tell me ‘yes.’ But he at one point was like ‘Yo, when we get the right record and the right time we’ll do it. You know what I’m saying?’ Cause we do have a relationship. So, I was just like ‘Let me keep hustling.’ I worked with him on other projects. Been to the studio with him and vibing and that’s my dawg…When he finally said ‘Let’s do it,’ it took me like two years to get it done. But it was like five total."

Watch the full interview below.