One of hip-hop's best known producers is celebrating his 42nd birthday today.

DJ Khaled, undoubtedly one of the most recognizable figures in the music industry, has ascended to heights that most artists can't even fathom this year, on the strength of his two monster singles "I'm The One" and "Wild Thoughts." A mainstay on social media as well, Khaled wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to show his fans as well as those close to him some love to mark the occasion.

In a heartfelt message that he wrote as the caption a short GIF he uploaded to his Instagram profile, DJ Khaled proceeded to let the world know who he really had to thank for what has been a stellar past twelve months. "It's my B DAY !!!!!!!!!!! GOD IS THE GREATEST!! THANK YOU GOD FOR MY SON ! MY FAMLIY ! FRIENDS ! AND MY TEAM," he said. He also gave a special shout out to his supporters, adding: "MY FAN LUV!!! GOD IM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU ! IM AM SO BLESSED ! GOD I LOVE YOU ! THANK YOU !!! #GRATEFUL ðŸ™ðŸ½ðŸ”‘ I WILl NEVER STOP!!!!!!!! LETS WIN MORE ! MORE BLESSINGS !! ALL PRAISE THE MOST HIGH! #WeTheBest"

The producer/DJ has been grinding it out in the hip-hop world for many years, starting out as a DJ on the Miami club circuit before beginning to make his own beats. That has led to a long a prosperous career at an in-studio hitmaker, having collaborated with the likes of Drake, Jay-Z, Future, Lil Wayne, Migos, Travis Scott and many, many more. Despite being in the business of making music for as long as he has, DJ Khaled has only tasted superstardom over the last two or three years, where tracks like "For Free," "Do You Mind" and "I Got The Keys" paving the way for Grateful to be as successful as it has been.

There's no telling what the next move will be in terms of musical output for DJ Khaled, but today, he's got every right to toast to a year when he's mowed down many of his competitors and staked his claim for the title of most important mogul working in the industry today.

Happy birthday DJ Khaled!