DJ Khaled just celebrated his birthday with a joint party for both he and his partner Nicole Tuck this past weekend in Miami. The birthday festivities were the only partying Khaled got up, despite the city's popular international art fair that brings all kinds of A-list acts to party. According to a tweet from the famed producer, he got offered a chance to perform at Art Basel but decided against in a move to "secure the bag" with Travis Scott

"Today I had a lot offers to perform for Art Basel. I had to makeana executive decision, get the bag or secure the bag. I decide to secure the bag so I worked in the studio on a big big big big anthem alert," Khaled captioned a photo next to Travis.

The track will most likely be on Khaled's upcoming tape Father of Asahd that has yet to have a release date. Just last week Khaled teased another collaboration with Bryson Tiller so it's safe to the project will have a lot of fire features. 

"I just came off Grateful, one of my biggest albums, but Father of Asahd is something that I’m really taking my time and putting together," Khaled said of the tape. "[..] I’ll take all that energy that goes into the studio and say to myself, there’s no excuses to make the biggest record. I’ve taken my time because I refused not to pull off the vision that I want to pull off. If I can’t pull it off at that moment, then I’m awake. You know what I’m saying? I’m not going for Plan B; It’s only Plan A.  Making my records like this is what I want, this how I want to do it and this is how we will win."