DJ Khaled is a business, man. Continuing his strides in being an all-out mogul, Khaled has recently partnered up with the sports and nutrition company ProSupps to promote a new performance energy drink, Hyde Power Potion.

While Khaled has been teasing the collaboration in a series of posts on all his social networks, ProSupps confirmed the news in a release on Monday.

"When seeking out a partner that embodies our core values of energy and performance, DJ Khaled was the first to come to mind," ProSupps founder TJ Humphreys said. "After months of strategic collaborative discussion with DJ Khaled and our friends at RocNation, we couldn't be happier having him as the voice and mouthpiece for Hyde Power Potion.

Humphreys adds: “The Hyde brand has already been established as a dominant player worldwide in the energy supplement space, and this new partnership will take that dominance to a new world of people thirsting for the type of performance energy and flavor that only Hyde Power Potion provides."

In his new role, Khaled will be responsible for showcasing just how the Hyde Power Potion provides him with the energy to navigate his busy lifestyle, promoting and sharing the drink on social media, at concerts and appearances and through his other endeavors. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Khaled promote a healthy and active lifestyle with a nutrition brand, of course. In the past, he’s also been a partner with plant-based nutrition company Silk, prominently in the brand’s “#DoPlants” spots, narrated by Khaled’s comical Snapchat stories in which he uses the brand’s almond milk products to make smoothies.

"I'm excited to be a part of the ProSupps Hyde Power Potion team,” Khaled added of the new partnership. “Their vision and drive inspire and match the energy and excitement I have for the future of this partnership."