DJ Khaled was going through a career lull, when he turned Snapchat into his bitch and got famous all over again-- even more famous than he was before, it seems. Khaled's recent wave of success, which is attributed to his incessant motivational Snapchats, has opened up many more avenues and opportunities for the celebrity. Among them, he's now the face of Rocawear.

Rocawear has unveiled a new ad campaign today that stars none other than 'cloth talk' connoisseur DJ Khaled. In a new interview with WDD, Khaled talks about the new Rocawear deal, while the brand unveiled an image from their campaign on Twitter. When asked about getting tapped for the campaign, Khaled says, "I’m honored to be chosen. Growing up in the game, Rocawear has always been a major part of the culture and lifestyle of fashion and music, and that’s why this opportunity to be the face of the brand is important to me, and it feels great. When you’re rocking Rocawear, you’re rocking greatness. It’s quality, it’s fly and it’s part of my history that I’m excited to bring to my fans."

What do you think of this move?

[via P&P]