DJ Khaled is not taking any chances when it comes to COVID-19. The family man revealed that he hasn't stepped foot outside his house in three-and-a-half months due to the pandemic, but unfortunately, he had to pay a visit to his dentist this week for an emergency root canal. However, this outing was not without the proper protective gear necessary to keep Khaled and his wife and kids safe.

"Play wit it if you want," Khaled wrote on a photo of him stepping out of his car, decked out in a full hazmat suit. "I got kids I don’t play games. First day out the crib in 3 and half months." He proceeded to post some photos of the procedure, thanking the dentists involved for their hard work.

"My first day out the crib and I had get my root canal taken out," he wrote. "My root canal that I had gave me pain over 15 years. I want to thank The office BLUM-Nico Oral Surgery Associates Dr. Nico and team who was excellent! Taking out the root canal very grateful for your help. Thank u Dr. Mereos Dr. Kopf for the recommendation team work." He went on to share some more posts of his face all bandaged up, followed by a vlog-style video showing the process from start to finish.

While he may have been cooped up at home since March, Khaled did have a pedicurist come by last month to pamper his toes, wearing a similar get-up as his dentist attire.