The A&R skills of DJ Khaled are known far and wide, though many continue to sarcastically ponder his position in the game. Say what you will about the affable personality, but few can assembly a crew together like Khaled. Not even retired criminal masterminds in heist movies. When Khaled decides to light up the proverbial bat-signal as it were, the most affluent tend to answer the call. Such was indeed the case in Khaled's recent throwback, in which some of hip-hop's wealthiest patrons rub shoulders for a night on the town.

Behold Khaled's Avengers, featuring: Cassie, Diddy, Nas, Mary J. Blige, actor Jesse Williams, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Pharrell Williams. Together, they surpass Tony Stark's net worth and then some. One has to wonder what table talk was like, or whether Jay and Nas ever bring up the good old days, in which "Takeover" and "Ether" were keeping the streets alive. Simpler times.