These days, you don't see DJ Khaled without his righthand man Asahd Tuck Khaled who is the producer's two-year-old son whom he is endlessly proud of. From the day he was born Khaled has praised his offspring for inspiring his work and happy attitude, even labeling him as an executive producer on Khaled's 2017 album, Grateful.

Asahd's fame has gotten to the point where people have been chanting his name over his father's when the duo are spotted out by adoring fans - here's the proof.

Khaled's lastest share to Instagram shows a growing Asahd with a caption that reads just how grateful the "Wild Thoughts" music maker really is. "My son has taught me so many things! My son is growing so fast! I love you so much! ALLAH THANK YOU!" he captioned the image.  

"I’m a firm believer in securing the future and speaking things into existence. It starts with Mama Asahd or Father Asahd. I was speaking greatness when she was pregnant through the belly, saying when he was born that he continues to be great," Khaled previously said of his son.

"The way I was raised is to just embrace your blessings and keep God first. That’s what we teach my son, but at the same time, as I want to make sure his future is secure and I’m going to secure it, Mama Asahd is going to secure it."