DJ Khaled's partner in crime, also known as his wife Nicole Tuck, celebrated her birthday yesterday and we can only assume it was filled with all kinds of extravagant gifts and happenings. The mega-producer took to Instagram to share a sweet message for his wife while thanking her for the best gift of his life, their son Ashad.  

"HAPPY BDAY TO MAMA ASAHD ! I love you so much you are my best friend and a amazing mother ! What I love about our journey it’s real love with a real journey," he wrote. "I THANK GOD I THANK YOU EVERYDAY FOR OUR BIGGEST BLESSING! Our son @asahdkhaled !!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE OUR FAMLIY! HAPPY BDAY !!!!!!! since I’m being so honest let me add every day is your BDAY !!!! MAMA ASAHD ! HONEY! HONEY ! I LOVE YOU!"

A while back an old interview with DJ Khaled surfaced where he detailed some personal information about his bedroom habits with his wife. So while it's safe to say we know one thing Nicole will not be getting for her birthday, we do know that the thought of another baby is something Khaled has had on his mind for a minute now.

“I was talking to my queen the other day and it might be time for another one,” he said back in the summer. “Whatever God has planned for us. I love kids, listen, that's God. If God wants us to have another one, I'm ready.”