DJ Khaled recently that he's scored his first #1 hit as a lead artist with "I'm the One," which also features star power from Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo from Migos and Lil Wayne.  Khaled is now attributing the success of that record not only to his own expertise, but also to some help from above.

"That's God, you know what I'm sayin'?" he replied when ABC Radio asked him how he got all of those all-star artists to feature on the track. "I'm a winner and I make great music. And I put great music together. And when I present the ideas [...] you know, greatness represents greatness. So I had to go to greatness to achieve the greatness."

Khaled also said that "having good energy" played a part in having so many top artists to work with him. "I'm not new to it, it's my 10th album," he pointed out. "So, it's a blessing. It's blessings!  His album, Grateful, is due out later this year.