DJ Khaled has just added another win under his belt, as he took to Instagram to announce that he would be the cover star of this month's issue of Esquire Middle East

Even though it isn't the American cover, Khaled didn't seem to mind one bit, as he wrote in the caption that he was "proud to represent his homeland" by starring on the cover. 

Khaled is looking fresh on the cover, posted in what looks to be a dark-salmon colored suit with a white shirt and, in classic Miami fashion, no tie. He's got a nice watch on and his beard line-up is exquisite. Of course that should be expected in a photo shoot for a men's fashion magazine.

The headline for Khaled is "The Irresistible Popularity Of The Superstar Producer", so expect Khaled to go into great detail over the inner workings of his personal life philosophy. His fans are likely very familiar with his lifestyle through his Snapchat and Instagram posts, but the magazine gives us a sneak preview, a take on a common catchphrase of his: "I dont lose. I win. All I do is win."

Khaled recently announced that he was working on a new album titled Father of Asahd, dropped a single "Top Off", with Jay Z, Beyonce, and Future, as well as a heartfelt promo video dedicated to his son. Hopefully he'll share some more information about the new album once the interview drops. 

Check out DJ Khaled's Esquire Middle East cover in the Instagram post down below.