One of the most anticipated drops coming tomorrow is DJ Khaled's new song with Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber and Quavo. If they've recreated any of the magic they built on "I'm The One," this will be a surefire hit. Coming partly late into the summer, there is still room for another song of the summer candidate, although "In My Feelings" pretty much has that title covered. Khaled has been going hard with the promo for "No Brainer," posting the cover art this week and continually reminding us of his upcoming Father of Asahd album. Of course, as executive producer of the project, Asahd plays a big role in overseeing everything his father puts out and as a true businessman, DJ Khaled captured him on the phone with his lawyer and posted it for us all to enjoy.

Not even in the double-digits in terms of his age, Asahd Khaled is making more moves than many of us. In all seriousness though, DJ Khaled just released a skit centered around his son to promote the upcoming single, which is arriving tomorrow. With a snippet of "No Brainer" playing in the background, not enough is revealed for us to judge whether or not it hits. However, Kevin Hart's voiceover role as Asahd Khaled is spot-on.

As Asahd speaks on the phone with his lawyer, his dad makes sure that he's still in the picture financially but the toddler seems more down to keep everything to himself. 

This major collaboration is set to be one of the biggest songs to release this month. Check out the video below to hear what we can expect and be sure to stay tuned at midnight when the single officially drops.