Over the years, DJ Khaled has been behind some of the world's biggest bangers. Guaranteed to put together dream collaborations, the DJ and producer has rarely disappointed with his last few full-length projects. He is also one of the most popular figures in Miami's music scene. Along with Rick Ross, Khaled is often seen as an icon in Miami, growing his brand to become a mogul in the last few years. Although he has an abundance of Floridian fans and a plethora of hits to play, the pre-game crowd at the Miami Marlins game did not understand the hype.

MLB's regular reason began today with plenty of highlight moments already assured to appear on ESPN tonight. In possibly one of the biggest fails of the regular season opening day, DJ Khaled was slated to perform before the game and attendance was incredibly low. Khaled has previously sold out arenas on tour around the country but fans did not feel the need to get to the stadium early to catch the performance, which was in his beloved hometown. From the looks (and sounds) of it, a small chunk of the crowd was there to catch the show, with a select few cheering throughout the performance.

We need to congratulate Khaled though since he did not seem deterred by the lack of attendance at all, keeping his energy high and continually attempting to rile up the fans that did show up. The performance was broadcasted by Fox Sports, who noticeably avoided showing too much footage of the empty seats. Watch the videos below to see what we mean.