After dropping one of the biggest compilation albums of last year with Kiss The Ring, DJ Khaled has been enjoying immense success, but has also become weary of the pitfalls of that success, hence the name of his next project Suffering From Success.  In a recent interview, the We The Best mogul talks about coping with the behind the scenes drama that unfolds with having hit records.  He also addresses the signing of Vadoto his label, and hints heavily that the artist will be officially part of the roster.

Comparing his next album to his previous one, Khaled speaks about the “bullshit” he has been dealing with as of late, ““What separates [this album] is that I made it to my seventh album...After Kiss The Ring, I’m a winner. So I’ma continue winning, but when I was coming up, I didn’t know that when you win, you gotta deal with a lot of this unnecessary bullshit a lot. So my album sound is going to… You’re going to hear different types of anthems: the suffering side, and the success side.”

Vado has been jumping back and forth between saying he has signed with We The Best, and not, but it does appear the rapper will be part of Khaled’s crew soon enough.  Although he doesn’t confirm the signing, the label head says an announcement is coming up.  “Definitely shout out Vado and definitely shout out Harlem,” DJ Khaled continues, “I’ma be real with you. Right now, I’m bigging up Vado right now. I never said. You sayin’, I ain’t never said. But, expect a big announcement and something real exciting."