DJ Khaled is enjoying one hell of a renaissance. His absolute dominance of the Snapchat universe has garnered him cover stories from non-hip hop (or even music) related publications like Bloomberg Businessweek, and now he’s sat down for a short interview with The New York Times Magazine.

The Q&A ranges from serious topics, like his ability to bring great artists together to make great music, to non-serious topics, like his passion for gardening and landscaping. He calls himself “one of the greatest producers ever,” “one of the greatest DJs ever,” and “one of the best executives ever,” all in back to back.

The man does not lack in confidence, although he does have one person who he’s shy around: his tour partner Beyonce. “Every time I’ve ever seen her is when I’m with my brother Jay Z, and I just say, ‘Hi,’ and I look the other way so fast, and I kind of run,” DJ Khaled explains. “I just don’t want to say nothing too much. I’m not messing that up.”

Khaled also has a cure for a case of the “they,” when someone is “turning into a they.” Khaled brings the they-sufferer to Miami, where he takes them (not THEM) to the ocean, lets them swim to a sand bar and cleanse themselves. Sounds pretty purifying, I think I might be coming down with a case of they.

Probably the best part of the interview is the interviewer trying to understand DJ Khaled’s keys to success, which she finds to be redundant. Thankfully, Khaled sets her straight, breaking down the difference between giving up, quitting and surrendering.

Head over to the full interview to read more about DJ Khaled’s key to success (and his 5 favorite flowers).