Earlier in April, music fans rejoiced when MTV said they'd be bringing back "Total Request Live." For a few years, many were critical towards MTV for the lack of music that was featured on their channel. Instead, the channel began airing a lot of reality TV shows that were popular but didn't really last too long, for the most part. Over the past few years, artists have been emphasizing the amount of work they put into their music videos, just as much as they do the music. So when TRL said they'd be making a return this fall, many were excited. Today, they officially re-launched the series and brought some of the hottest artists out right now to help them out in the process.

Earlier today, MTV re-launched Total Request Live and it didn't come as a surprise that they got Migos, DJ Khaled and Ed Sheeran to help kick off the first episode. Migos came through to perform their latest single "Too Hotty" in the middle of Time Square. The performance had all three rappers on a runway in the middle of New York City as they performed their latest track to a bunch of excited fans. Another memorable moment during the premier today was when DJ Khaled was brought out. While the ball in Times Square only drops on New Years Eve, they made an exception for the TRL re-launch. Two of the shows hosts, DC Young Fly and Tamara Dhia, brought DJ Khaled to drop the ball. However, in typical Khaled fashion, he brought out his son, Asahd Khaled, to do the honors. It was definitely a historical moment in pop culture. Along with appearances from Migos and DJ Khaled, Ed Sheeran popped by to perform two songs, "Perfect" and "Castle On The Hill."

It was definitely a monumental moment for TV. Along with DC Young Fly and Tamara Dhia, they also have Erik Zachary, Amy Pham, and Lawrence Jackson rotating as the shows hosts. TRL airs every weekday at 3:30. With the looks of their launch, they're definitely bound to have some more dope artists and performances on the show in the future.

Watch the show highlights below: