DJ Khaled has never been one for subtlety, but a recent Instagram post finds the lovable mogul even more hyperbolic than usual. The image in question finds Khaled, Jay-Z and Nas engaged in conversation, and all three seem to be having a great time. However, it's Khaled's caption that truly makes this one an interesting case. See for yourself:

"A hip hop dream is now our reality. The language being spoken in this picture should be written in scriptures. This picture should be framed and put up in the museums across the world for future generations to appreciate. I'll tell you while we're smiling at a later date. Trust me you're gonna love it!BLESS UP!"

From the sound of it, it can only be one of two potential scenarios. Either Khaled assembled an Oceans Eleven-esque team of rappers to break in and steal Dr. Dre's hard drive, or he's quarterbacking another Jay-Z and Nas collaboration. Probability favors the latter option. To make it even more likely that music is on the horizon, Khaled tagged both Roc Nation and We The Best Music. To be fair, Khaled has already worked with both Jay-Z ("I Got The Keys") and Nas ("Nas Album Done"), albeit never on the same song. 

It does seem like Khaled's M.O to make something happen between the two legends, and it wouldn't be the first time Jay and Nas joined forces on wax. They previously connected on Nas' "Black Republicans" in 2006,  Jay-Z's "Success" in 2007, Ludacris' "I Do It For Hip-Hop" in 2008, and Jay-Z's "BBC" in 2013.