After a week spent spazzing over Drake's vocals, DJ Khaled announced Monday that he's going on the hunt to find Drake's location. The superstar producer had a talk with his baby boy Asahd explaining that he had to go away for a little while.

He shared several posts over the weekend detailing his decision to go find Drake. He has since kept his fans in the loop, updating his progress thus far. Khaled said his album is almost ready save for the 6 God's contribution. Apparently, Drizzy has two songs on the album. 

"Asahd," Khakled told his baby boy on IG, "You inspire me so much that when I find Drake, it might be three songs." Asahd is executive producing what his father calls his "biggest album."

Last year, Drake and Khaled's "For Free" was such a massive success that Kanye West ranted about it like the Mad Rapper. Check out the clips below.