With Father Of Asahd around the corner, DJ Khaled has already begun hitting the live circuit. Sadly, the death of Nipsey Hussle continues to loom heavy over the game at large. The beloved mogul is no exception. A business partner and collaborator of Nipsey, DJ Khaled recently placed a bid with the late rapper, in an attempt to acquire the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica. Clearly, the pair were in the process of making some money moves as a unit, and it's likely they developed a cordial relationship throughout their dealings. 

It's no surprise that Khaled has been paying homage accordingly. During a recent show, the DJ took it back to his roots, bringing a tried and true chant back into the forefront. "When I say Nipsey, you say Hussle," he leads, as the crowd follows suit. After the chant reaches an apex, Khaled cues up "Last Time That I Chec'dd," one of Victory Lap's many bangers. 

It's nice to see DJ Khaled holding it down, and once again, we're reminded of Nipsey Hussle's impact on the game. Check out the footage below, and keep an eye out for Father Of Asahd, dropping on May 17th.