As predicted, DJ Khaled has officially embarked upon a Father Of Asahd promotional blitz. With the album set to arrive on May 17th, Khaled has taken to Instagram to launch an onslaught in true outlandish fashion. And goddamnit, that's why we love him. Earlier today, the affable mogul seized a "May We Begin" pun and never looked back. "It’s finally here the month of MAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAY WE BEGIN!" he writes. "I see what’s going on I hear what’s going on. NOW ITS TIME TO SHOW THEY who the FATHER OF ASAHD IS!"

To be fair, we already know that Khaled is the father of Asahd, so we'll feign surprise if that's what he's seeking. In any case, Khaled has also used the opportunity to share some new merchandise, which finds him proudly on his "tropical vibe." "Greetings from the father of Asahd," says Khaled, who for all intents and purposes has all-but forsworn his given name in favor of the new title. "Every three days Im'a hit you with some new merch, he promises."

Look for Khaled to triple the intensity of his rollout with some actual music, as May appears to be on the verge of a full-blown Khaled takeover. It's hard to say who might land the honor of lining the album's first single, though Khaled has been teasing something with Cardi B of late. In fact, he recently doubled down in a recent post, which all but confirms her involvement in the moves to come. You excited for this one?