Plenty of fire dropped today, but DJ Khaled's collaboration with Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Future has been garnering the most attention. While DJ Khaled will no doubt deem this "Another One" for the books, our community didn't take to the high-profile collaboration with the same feverish devotion as the Beyhive. "Top Off" plays out like a bastard child of "I Got The Keys" and "Shining," with Jay-Z and Beyonce trading bars between a repetitive hook from Future. The formula has paid dividends in the past, so it's no surprise to see Khaled returning to the approach; compared to the pop sensibilities of previous singles "I'm The One" and "Wild Thoughts," "Top Off" sounds like Chief Keef.

Across the board, our users tended to praise Jay's verse, while finding Beyonce and Future's contributions a little more tiresome; to be honest, I was hard pressed to find a single compliment about Future's chorus. Perhaps the honeymoon phase is over for the once mighty trap pioneer. Conversely, the Twitterverse was so full of Beyonce praise that it bordered on fanaticism. Not unlike Rihanna's fire turn on "Lemon," Beyonce's verse left people acting like she one-upped Black Thought's Funk Flex freestyle. That's not to say it wasn't cool hearing Beyonce spitting bars. She did put in work on this one. Still, the Beyhive isn't known for their subtlety.

Check out some of the choice reactions below, and sound off. Were you feeling this?