DJ Khaled has just unlocked a major key since becoming the social media ambassador for Weight Watchers. The producer is set to share his progress of losing 20 pounds for his all his millions of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat followers. 

Khaled will be sharing video updates on his workout activities and meals - that stay in the 40 point range as Weight Watchers is all about not passing a certain amount of points when it comes to your dietary intake. The social media campaign is called the WW Freestyle program.

"Weight Watchers is all about being great and being your best self. My son is my love, my life, and I need to be great for him," Khaled said in an official press release. "To be great is to be healthy; to be healthy means a shift in my lifestyle, and the new WW Freestyle program is all about healthier habits for my life. The WW program and community is my partner in this process to greatness, and I'm grateful for what's to come and to share my journey with you all."

Khaled has already shared a number of posts of his new year's resolution that sees him hitting the gym, jet skiing, indulging in Weight Watchers approved meals and of course hanging with his son, Asahd. Check out the videos below.

CNBC reports that shares in the weight loss company went up 5% after it was officially announced that Khaled will be joining on.