A big part of DJ Khaled’s success in 2016 had to do with his willingness to partner with brands. His Snapchat stories are frequently peppered with shout outs to brands like Dove. Now he’s taking his sponsorship game up a notch by partnering with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula for a capsule collection of lotions. As you might expect, their names are 100% DJ Khaled.

Khaled has been unveiling the products via promotional videos on this Instagram, some of which include gratuitous shirtless shots of Khaled in the shower. So far he’s announced "They" Block, Live Live Smooth, and We The Best Glow. The lotion itself seems like standard Palmer’s stuff, but you can never discount the possibility of a secret “they” blocking formula. If you aren’t familiar with “them” by now, the lotion might not be enough to save you. Check out the three videos below.

Live Smooth Lotion

"They" Block

"We The Best" Glow

The lotions go on sale tomorrow, December 13 at Palmers.com and the We The Best Store. If you're in New York City, he's having an event tomorrow afternoon to celebrate the launch.