Still riding high off the success of his #1 album, DJ Khaled is now facing some backlash this week after posting a twerk video online during the month of Ramadan, a holy month of fasting and prayer for Muslims.

Khaled, who was raised Muslim, posted some behind-the-scenes footage of what looks to be a music video shoot for his song, "Body in Motion," featuring Lil Baby, and it just so happens to feature a lot of scantily-clad women twerking and shaking their assets. While nothing seems to be out the ordinary for a music video in 2021, the problem lies in that DJ Khaled posted it on Wednesday, the last day of Ramadan.

As a result, Khaled is getting dragged for his post; with some saying he's being disrespectful, especially in light of the situation in Palestine. “You’re not following your religion very well,” one person said online while another added, “It’s the last of Ramadan. And al Aqsa was attacked again. This is what you post. Unfollowing you.” See some other tweets below.

The veteran producer has yet to respond to the controversy and hasn’t removed the video, but that doesn’t mean he’s completely unaware what’s going on in the world either. Prior to the twerk video, he posted his prayers for Palestinians via Instagram.

“Sending love and light and prayers to my Palestinian brothers & sisters and Everyone around the world,” he wrote. “IM PRAYING FOR PEACE AND LOVE TO THE WORLD , PEACE AND LOVE TO EVERYONE!”