Kanye West is looking into the possible purchase of paparazzi companies so he can choose which pictures get released. We're sure that, if DJ Khaled could, he would also be on board with the same plan.

Currently pushing his new single with Drake, "Popstar," the mega-producer called out the paparazzi for often sharing the most unflattering photos they could take of people, posting his own embarrassing one.

Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

"Smh this the type stuff u have to deal wit when u a POPSTAR," wrote DJ Khaled on Instagram. In the image, which is about two years old, the multi-platinum producer sags a pair of basketball shorts as his underwear falls off his hips, revealing his butt crack to the world. Obviously, you wouldn't want this type of picture to be spread across the internet but, after seeing it be used against him for years, Khaled decided to just post it on his own page, accepting the jokes as they come.

"POParazzi Yall got a chill man," he concluded the post.

Thankfully, DJ Khaled has not been subject to any leaked images of this kind in a while but, being a pop star, you never know when the paparazzi is watching so, unfortunately, he needs to be careful at all times.

His post follows the release of the official "Popstar" video, which stars Justin Bieber.