Sunday evening's BET Awards was one big rush of highlight performances.
Opening up with an electric performance from showman Bruno Mars, the show's lineup came to a close with DJ Khaled hopping onstage with honoree Chance The Rapper,  award recipient Quavo, and nominee Lil Wayne for the Grateful cut "I'm The One."
While Justin Bieber wasn't in attendance for the performance of the smash, executive producer Asahd Khaled appeared onstage alongside father DJ Khaled for a brief moment before joining his mother back in the crowd.
The performance wasn't over until DJ Khaled led the crowd with an impassioned call-and-response.
 "When I say 'Asahd', you say 'Khaled!'" he called out. Naturally, the crowd's response pretty much cemented the young Khaled's clout in this industry.