When it comes to killing it on every level in the music industry, no one has done that more in 2017 than DJ Khaled. The venerated DJ and producer has earned himself multiple platinum singles including the hits "I'm The One" and "Wild Thoughts," a massively successful album with Grateful and public appearances that are always memorable, both in person and consumed in clip form later, as part of his social media feed. Being such a high-profile name usually means being a part of the summer festival circuit, and that's where today's news comes in. Khaled made his way to Billboard's Hot 100 music festival, which took place last weekend in New York. Over the course of the day, he made his family part of the show and revealed some details about what's next for him in a new interview.

First, let's get to the concert appearance. According to Billboard's recap, it was not DJ Khaled who first appeared on stage a little after his allotted start time, but instead it was his son Asahd, being pushed in a stroller from the wings as the crowd gathered closer to catch a glimpse the famous toddler in person. Then, some home videos began playing on the screen behind him, including a snippet where Khaled refers to his son as his "best friend." Finally, the hip-hop hitmaker took the stage, launching into a raucous version of his classic track "All I Do Is Win," Asahd perched on his shoulder the entire time. By all accounts, it was another concert full of highlights for Khaled fans, but a pre-show interview he gave may have revealed some even juicier details about the mogul's current and upcoming projects.

As per the clip provided by Billboard, which you can see below, DJ Khaled is currently working on video treatments, hinting that the visuals to support his song "Don't Quit," which features Travis Scott and Calvin Harris. He also revealed that the day he shot his Billboard cover  was the same day that "I'm The One" went to No. 1 on the Hot 100. There really are no L's in sight for Khaled. Like, ever.