It's a well known fact that kids can grow pretty rapidly, and oftentimes parents don't feel the need to buy their kids expensive clothes only to have them grow out of them a year later. However, Asahd Khaled is not like most kids, as his father is famous producer/life coach DJ Khaled, and that comes with all sorts of benefits, in this case, a diamond covered Rolex watch.

In an Instagram video posted today, DJ Khaled documents going to the Rolex store to buy his almost 2-year-old son an expensive watch, which the counter employee says costs $34,000. No problem for someone like Khaled, who has Asahd's wrist measured before placing the watch on his wrist. Based on watching this video, it doesn't seem like there's anyone on Earth who was less excited to have been given a Rolex. Given that Asahd probably doesn't know what a Rolex is, it's not surprising. 

Khaled is instead excited on his behalf, captioning the post with, "They don’t want me to buy my son a ROLLEX so I bought the 👑 @asahdkhaled one at the Rolex Bahamas BS location #FatherOfAsahd #WeTheBest I dreamed for days like this .. I LOVE YOU ASHAD MY SON."

The crazy part is, it's not even Asahd's first diamond watch, and it's not even his most expensive either. Last October, Khaled threw Asahd a lavish first birthday bash, which included a gift of a $100,000 diamond studded watch. How many babies do you know who are that icey?

Check out Asahd's new Rolex below.