DJ Khaled has announced the release date for his upcoming album, Suffering From Success.

The album, which has already spawned the hit "No New Friends" with Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, is set to arrive on September 24th.

While talking to MTV News, Khaled announced the release date and spoke on the album and its first single.

"The title alone should tell you how powerful the album is: Suffering From Success," Khaled said. "My first single, 'No New Friends,' should tell you I'm not playing. Consider 'No New Friends' #1 already; that's in the can. That's going #1. That's gone. That's going to sell over a million, too easy; that's what we do."

Khaled continued to big-up his single, "That's gonna be #1 any second, about to be gold any minute, about to platinum any week; I'm just telling you facts."

[Update: Album Pushed Back]

In a new video, DJ Khaled has announced that his upcoming album, Suffering From Success, will be pushed back from its original release date. The project will now drop on October 22nd.

Drake's Nothing Was The Same was recently pushed back to September 24th, which was Khaled's original date. Do you think this delay has anything to do with it?

Check out the promo visuals below.