In 2017, DJ Khaled's Grateful came and went, with a few notable singles but little in the way of staying power. Still, the affable mogul has continued forward, and is currently sitting on his "best album to date," Father Of Asahd. In true Khaled fashion, we've seen many in-studio hangouts and intriguing teasers during the build-up, though we have yet to receive any concrete information. That is, until now. Khaled has officially unveiled the release month to his upcoming project - May.

Though a concrete date eludes us, Khaled has whetted appetites with a video teaser of sorts, with himself at the head of a boardroom meeting. "Every day counts, every second counts," says Khaled, looking intensely focused. "The clock's on. I want to unload on them. I want to unload all of it. Boom, boom, boom. Anyone act up, I'll let it all go. I want to fu*k the game up!" 

Though his tone speaks to a specific intensity, it should be noted that lead single "No Brainer" does little to match said tone. Still, it wouldn't be a Khaled record without a few radio hits. What are your expectations for that new DJ Khaled record? You think the man's got a bonafide year-end listmaker in his arsenal?