If there's a hitmaker in the game, best believe that DJ Khaled has reached out to them. Especially when album mode rolls around, as is currently the case for the affable mogul, who is in the midst of finishing up his anticipated Khaled Khaled project.

At this time, Khaled has opted to play the finer details close to his chest, leaving curious fans with a trail of breadcrumbs hinting at those who may or may not be involved; an in-studio picture with Lil Baby here, a mysterious meeting with Jay-Z there. Now, Khaled has once again sparked interest in a potential collaboration, sharing an image of a FaceTime conversation with Travis Scott, adding "ALBUM MODE KHALED KHALED" to his caption. Of course, this is hardly concrete confirmation that Scott will be appearing on the forthcoming project, but it certainly increases the odds. 

 Ethan Miller/WireImage/Getty Images

 It should be noted that Scott has become somewhat of a staple on Khaled's albums, having appeared on tracks like the Post Malone-assisted "Celebrate," the Rick Ross & Big Sean-assisted "On Everything," the Jeremih-assisted "Don't Quit," and the Nas-assisted "It's Secured." Suffice it to say, a Travis Scott appearance on Khaled Khaled is all but expected.

All that's left to do right now is play the waiting game, as the ball currently sits in Khaled's court. Though release details have yet to be revealed, history shows that the man appreciates his summer drops, with his last three projects arriving in May and June. Check out the proof of their promising interaction below, and sound off if you've appreciated the chemistry they've built on wax so far.