Many people are entering week three of quarantine and have run out of things to watch on Netflix. Thankfully, the power of social media prevails during these times, especially as TikTok dances run rampant across the timeline. Yesterday, Drake graced the world with his latest single, "Toosie Slide" which shares the title with the accompanying dance. "Right foot up, left foot slide," Drake instructs on the record.

DJ Khaled and his wife Nicole Tuck took to the 'Gram where they did their rendition of the "Toosie Slide." Of course, DJ Khaled hit "yaad man" moves while his wife awkwardly stared at him. "How you spell hit record? D-R-A-K-E," Khaled yelled before hitting the dance move. Khaled also shared a video of his newborn son Aalam vibing out to the song. Clearly, the Khaled family is ready for a new Drake album.

Though this was all done in good fun, Khaled did make sure to include a friendly reminder to his followers. "I BEG YOU PLEASE STAY HOME ALERT," he wrote. He also threw in #TeamNoHaircut hashtag for all of us at home looking scruffy these days.

"Toosie Slide" follows a string of recent releases from Drake including "WAR," the long-awaited Future collaboration, "Desires," as well as "Chicago Freestyle" and "When To Say When."

Check out DJ Khaled's attempt at the "Toosie Slide" below.