If you're even remotely familiar with DJ Khaled's latest album Grateful, you undoubtedly recognize the face of one Asahd Khaled. As the world's most recognizable child under the age of one, Asahd has been basically everywhere, following his father's footsteps on the quest for ubiquity. And, in a rather savvy business move, Khaled made his young son the executive producer of Grateful, ensuring that the young mogul-in-training will reap some financial benefits before ever uttering a coherent sentence. Plus, if you've ever strayed onto Khaled's Instagram feed, you'll know that Asahd is undeniably set for life, so it's no surprise that his first birthday has already amassed some insane hype.

Khaled recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel's Brooklyn set, where he spoke about Asahd's role in Grateful, as well as his upcoming birthday bash. "His birthday is Oct. 23, and speaking of him being the executive producer, the album that he's executive producer on went platinum in two months," said Khaled. "It went gold in two weeks. My biggest album, and my son is my biggest blessing. It's changed my life, man, I'm happy. I love that boy." 

And if Khaled's involvement wasn't lavish enough, Asahd's birthday party has officially piqued the interest of none other than Diddy. Apparently, Khaled and Diddy engaged in some mogul talk, in which they decided to team up for the big day. ""You know, speaking of his birthday, I just got off the phone with Puff Daddy, because we throwing the biggest birthday party for Asahd," said Khaled. "It's gone be big. You know, if it's a big party, Puff Daddy gotta be involved. So me and Puff were talking, and we're gone do something big for Asahd."

While the day has yet to arrive, there's no doubt that it will be a wild, expensive, and star studded affair. Who'd have thought that an actual baby would end up scoring one of the biggest birthday parties of the year?