DJ Envy, the host of the widely respected radio show The Breakfast Club, was caught in the middle of a social media firestorm last night that bled into this morning (October 26th). Apparently, fans had spied some leaked Snapchat messages that positioned him as someone who was interested in various kinky activities with an unnamed conversation partner. The back-and-forth included talk of strap-on usage. You can peep the entire collection of leaked photos below.

Though they caused quite a stir, the pictures and alleged conversation have now been confirmed false. First, there was Envy's defense, during which he made it clear that not only were the images fabricated, but that he's not flustered by them either. ""I don't know where [the messages] came from," he said on his show, as per XXL. "Whoever it was has been chasing all the reputable blogs, [and] nobody posted it. And I guess they found one that has." Later on in the day, another gossip blog outlet, Fameolous, corroborated this story, stating that the person(s) behind the fakes had tried to release them weeks ago, but to no avail.

"That DJ ENVY stuff is Fake!" the outlet's Twitter account proclaimed. "The person harassed me for weeks to post it but I didn’t fall for it." As we mentioned earlier, the real handle for Envy's Snapchat is SirEnvy1, not the name that was used in the photos. With this scandal behind him, Envy can focus on this other commitments, none the least of which is a new album titled Just A Kid From Queens. The first teaser single, "Text Ur Number," features Fetty Wap and DJ Sliink as featured artists. No doubt that Envy is looking ahead to his new material and not into the past at racy messages that aren't even his.

Check out our full interview with DJ Envy via HNHH TV below!