The Breakfast Club crew took some time to play the new freestyle's Nicki Minaj dropped over the weekend. After spinning a snippet of Barbie Gone Bad, DJ Envy was encouraged by his co-host to address how he has been handling Nicki's music. Apparently, her tenuous relationship ship with a fellow DJ led to his decision.

After listening to the freestyle, the radio personalities paused to engage with a particular part of its lyrics. "And then they say 'You know, it's time to drop your single' I said 'Noooo,'" the emcee raps. "You know radio already tried to blackball a b*tch." Charlamagne Tha God played his usual role of instigator. "DJ Envy is the only DJ blackballing you," he shouted out to Minaj. "That is a fact." Charlamagne then asked Envy to spill what he had already said while they were off the air.

Envy did not seem too apologetic when he said, "I thought I was the only that wasn't playing her record." This refers to the time DJ Self asked all DJs to stop playing Nicki Minaj tracks due to their personal issues. Envy's reason clearly wasn't well-received by his team. Charlamagne called his move "wack" and said it was a "shame" considering the fact that both Nicki and Envy hail from Queens.